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Our Blog Uncategorized December 22, 2023

Should I sign up directly through’s affiliate programme or through Octaadsmedia?💪✨

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As a result of the potential for extremely significant returns, many travel bloggers select to collaborate with top hotel affiliate programmes. Considering that hotels often charge $160 per night. is one of the most reliable resources for travel bloggers looking to make a lot of money. Using the affiliate network or dealing directly with the business is your choice for working with The advantages that travel bloggers can specifically gain from each choice will be compared in this post.

The Advantages of Participating in Affiliate Programmes Through the Platform

Let’s start by looking at the general benefits of signing up for an affiliate programme via the platform.

  • Single payment every month. For all affiliate marketing schemes: Say goodbye to the burden of coordinating payments across many platforms and keeping track of minimum payment requirements. All of your affiliate programme earnings are combined into a single monthly payment by octaadsmedia, which is sent to your bank account or any other online payment options. The most important thing to remember is that since octaadsmedia handles these transactions with its own funds, any incident or change inside a direct affiliate programme won’t have an impact on your rewards. Payments consistently arrive on schedule, as seen by the numerous satisfied affiliates’ great reviews.
  • 100+ travel brands together in one place: Join together with well-known companies like GetYourGuide,, and Tripadvisor, among others. You don’t need to log into other platforms in order to establish affiliate links or track bookings because all your metrics and affiliate tools are accessible from one personal account.
  • The user experience with Octaadsmedia personal accounts is seamless thanks to the user-friendly interface and extensive statistics. Extensive data is provided in a handy format in the Reports area, which may be viewed within your account or saved as a CSV file for in-depth study.
  • A lot of resources from partners Sign up for our partner newsletter, blog, or Octaadsmedia Association, or access our extensive Help Centre. Learn insightful information about affiliate marketing, take advantage of professional advice, and stay up to date with the newest information from octaadsmedia partner programmes.
  • staff dedicated to providing outstanding support: The Octamedia support staff is dedicated to serving exceptional service above and beyond the standard template email. We want to make every interaction a positive and beneficial experience, and we’ll carefully evaluate and address any problems or worries you might have.

Joining Directly vs Joining via Octaadsmedia

Let’s take a closer look at how the affiliate programme functions and how it functions when you sign up with Octaadsmedia.



Your starting commission when you sign up directly for the affiliate programme is 25% of the commission that pays for each transaction.

The percentage in this category may change depending on how many “stayed bookings” you manage in a given month, but it will never fall below 25%. “Stayed bookings” are reservations that the partner has completed and confirmed.

Your revenues are based on both the quantity of stays booked and the commission each unique lodging provider pays to Depending on factors like the area where the accommodation is located, the commission for the lodging often runs between 10 to 20 percent.

Via Octaadsmedia

No matter how many bookings you secure each month, Octaadsmedia guarantees that you will always receive 4% of the entire cost of each booking or maybe slabwise depending upon you sale. This is equivalent to about a 25% revenue share.

When you sign up with Octaadsmedia, the minimum revenue share percentage made available by the direct affiliate programme is the incentive rate that is applied to you. A minimum of 50 bookings must be made each month to be eligible for a higher reward rate, so keep that in mind.

You can decide to join Octaadsmedia with confidence if you’re bringing in up to 150 reservations each month. While you take advantage of all the advantages of working with a platform that favours its partners, the difference in earnings will be almost indistinguishable.

Payment Threshold and Methods


You will receive credit slips from’s affiliate programme during the first week of every month if you join directly. You can find a list of completed reservations for any particular month by selecting Transactions from the Reports menu. You may also view which reservations are associated with specific credit slips here. Only if your remaining debt is €100 or more is a final payment made.

Via Octaadsmedia

As long as the minimum earnings requirement is met and payment information is received before the ninth day of the current month, octaadsmedia automatically executes payments between the 11th and 20th day of the next month. Payments are swiftly and without hiccups processed. By the tenth day of the month, all payment details are ready, leaving us with nothing to do except give the prizes to our partners.

Check your octaadsmedia account’s header for information on your balance and payout amount to learn when your payment will be processed. Remember that depending on the withdrawal method you choose, there are different minimum payout amounts.

Another important detail to note – We combine the rewards you earn across all affiliate programs you joined through octaadsmedia into one single payment, meaning that whether you’re using, Expedia, or GetYourGuide, if the combined reward for all programs amounts to $50 for the month, you’re eligible to receive the payment by PayPal or any suitable online method.

Affiliate Support


Joining directly allows you to contact their support from your personal account.

Additional resources for affiliates include:

  • Affiliate Partner Center Support, where you can find detailed answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Live Chat: You’ll find the affiliate program live chat feature on any article page in the Support Center, available on Tuesdays from 10:00-11:00 CET.

Via Octaadsmedia

On online platforms, the Octaadsmedia support staff usually gets compliments. The team works hard to handle issues completely rather than just quickly responding to requests.

Support teams frequently take several weeks to respond to your inquiries, and in some circumstances they may not respond at all. Sometimes they would even interject clarifying queries to give themselves more time to react. However, the octaadsmedia team are not involved in that game. We believe in confronting difficulties head-on and ensuring that partners never have to handle persistent issues on their own. Your peace of mind is our priority.

In addition to your personal account, you have access to the octaadsmedia support staff via linkedin,Facebook and Instagram.

Affiliates can also consult the following additional educational resources:

An extensive manual on how to use Octaadsmedia is available in the Help Centre, a collection of articles.
The octaadsmedia blog is a great resource for reviews of various affiliate programmes, success tales from octaadsmedia partners, and helpful advice on SEO and affiliate marketing.
The octaadsmedia Agency has excellent for making connection with lots of brands and we have a lot’s of top affiliate program so in one platform you can join lots of affiliate program and approved in a few days .

Affiliate Promo Tools

Links, widgets, and banners are among the affiliate tools that are available through both octaadsmedia and the direct affiliate programme. Instead of the five widgets that offers when you sign up directly, octaadsmedia offers partners one. This choice was made in light of our ongoing evaluation of tool performance and our commitment to only provide partners with tools that have a proven track record of strong conversion rates and simple website connection. The octaadsmedia team will take it upon themselves to create and integrate any extra widgets if they determine that they are necessary.

How to Easily and Quickly Switch From the Direct Affiliate Program to Octaadsmedia

Transitioning from a direct affiliate program to octaadsmedia is straightforward. Simply register on the octaadsmedia platform for free and install the trackier tool.

What Is Trackier and What Are Its Advantages?

Trackier is essentially a piece of JavaScript code that you need to add to your site. This tool converts links from’s direct affiliate program into octa media links that include your ID. This enables you to receive rewards via our platform.

Advantages of Using Trackier through Octaadsmedia:

Time-saving Convenience: Trackier saves you from having to manually replace each link one at a time. You’ll have more time for what really matters, such as travelling, producing content, and expanding your blog.
Easy Setup: No technical difficulties or programming knowledge are needed. All parties can easily manage the migration process because to the simplicity of Trackier structure.
Safe and Reversible: Trackier keeps your setup’s integrity and safety intact. Anytime that it is turned off, all changes are undone. The option to exclude specific articles from the migration process also gives you more control.

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