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Boost your brand's success with our global affiliate marketing network, delivering exceptional performance online.

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We worked with global largest brands

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We worked with global largest brands


Innovation meets insight

Affiliate Intelligence helps you make the most strategic performance marketing decisions because you’ll have the insight and intuition that only comes with years of experience – from tried-and-true strategies to opportunities to emerging media trends.

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Affiliate services that help you outthink and outperform

We get your business, we get your needs, and then we get you results – matching you with the right partner to connect with people where and when it counts.

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Quality partnerships and technology

Maximize growth with exclusive access to the most-loved global consumer brands in partner marketing, flexible tech to support monetization and automation, and expert partnership teams.

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Who We Are

Made of passion curiosity engagement, and determination

With Extensive Global Experience, Our Company Has Evolved Into A Dynamic And Continually Expanding Entity. Our Dedicated Team is Guided by Strong Values That We Embrace and Passionately Advocate For.


Our Great
marketing Services

Octaads Media is a top Digital Agency helping clients scale millions of dollars each month. From small startups to billion-dollar brands, Octaads Media is committed to scaling each business into a profitable machine.


Octaads media we’ll handle your email marketing on your behalf. To encourage customers to ...

  • + Retargeting
  • + Personalization
  • + Email Design
  • + Content
  • +Segmentation

Search Engine

On-Page SEO From HTML to metadata, we’ll optimise your individual web pages to rank ...

  • + On Page SEO
  • + Off Page SEO
  • + Technical SEO


Valuable and Relevant Content: Content marketing focuses on creating content that is valuable, relevant, ...

  • + Blogs
  • + Newsletter
  • + Videos


Social Media Marketing Grow & Scale Our tried-and-true strategies will help your company expand ...

  • + Create An AD
  • + Instagram Advertising
  • + Facebook Advertising


Overall, I highly recommend working with Octaadsmedia. They can bring a wealth of benefits to your business, including increased exposure, more customers, and higher revenue. If you are considering starting an affiliate program, I encourage you to do so and see the positive impact Octaadsmedia can have on your business

Ankit Mittal

AVP - Franchise & Webstore Operations


We value your contribution towards Wakefit’s revenue. You have always taken our feedbacks into consideration for selecting the right publishers for us. Looking forward to a promising partnership with you guys in the coming days.

Satyabrata Parida

Senior Manager, Growth

KAPE ( Cyberghost VPN )

Working with Octaads Media has been a pleasure for us. We appreciate the hard work and dedication of this excellent team, and we are looking forward to continuing our work together!

Dominik Markovinovic

Partnership Operations Specialist


I have had a great experience working with Octaads. They delivered the results as promised. The campaign initiation was very smooth. Our POC, Mr Amit Kumar is very approachable and resourceful.

Shweta Potdar

Community Manager


“In our collaboration journey, Octaads Media has consistently proven to be a trustful and flexible partner. Their willingness to experiment and adapt has set them apart and paved the way for innovative solutions. When challenges arose, problem-solving with them was always straightforward and efficient. Based on our positive experience, I wholeheartedly ...

Silvestras Jarmalavicius

Partners Growth Team Lead


The overall serives was great, for advertiser like PatPat, we would like to keep communicating with the publisher, with updated information on daily or two-days basis. And we do appreciated the cooperation at all time, regarding on the information you’ve shared and the promotion details there. For us, the more details ...


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Keywords,Research Strategy, and Analytics

Businesses in any sector can benefit from our individualised digital marketing plans, which we develop for them. Our methods not only optimise your progress towards business aims, but also help you solve any issues that may arise along the way. We are an another for all your marketing needs and can serve as your outsourced marketing department across all channels.



If you want to get where you want to go as a company, you need a strategy. With these guiding principles in place, your company will be able to make more deliberate and purposeful choices. It's not the methods you'll use to put your business plan into action.



The term "target audience" is used to describe the demographic of consumers who are most likely to be interested in purchasing your goods or services. Age, gender, income, location, interests, and many other variables can all be used to narrow down the potential customer base.



In order to use the information people enter into search engines for specific purposes, such as search engine optimization (SEO) or general marketing, keyword research is conducted. By conducting keyword research, you can learn about search terms to optimise for, the number of people using those terms, how difficult it will be to rank for those terms, and much more.

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Are you ready to invest in building a successful affiliate program? You should be, as, according to statistics, affiliate marketing is more popular than ever among both advertisers and publishers. It is also the key to getting in front of your target audience and convincing them to buy:

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Are you thinking of starting an affiliate Marketing program but heard conflicting opinions about what to expect and are not sure what to believe? You’re not the only one! There are quite a few affiliate marketing myths and affiliate program misconceptions out there. Every new meeting with