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What is the ideal location for burying a body? Google’s second page. Using Digital Media Team for PPC management will ensure that your brand is the first thing consumers see when searching for your services

We’ll assist you in determining which PPC channels are the best fit for your company. Distinct channels have different functionalities, and advertisers are becoming spoiled for choice. While Google AdWords remains the most popular option, there are other ways to increase your brand’s visibility as you look for new clients. We’ll collaborate closely with you to assist you choose the best PPC channels for your company.

  • +Shopping
  • +Paid Search
  • + Display
  • + Ad Copy
  • + Remarketing
  • + Google Partner
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Shopping ads and eCommerce go hand in hand. Our Google experts have perfected their Shopping strategy, delivering high traffic volumes and outstanding conversion rates. We recommend that all paid social and PPC clients sign up with our friends at Feed Optimize, ensuring your Shopping feeds and Merchant Centre’s are in the safest of hands.


Display ads provide a cost-effective way to reach your target customers on the sites they browse. Combined with video, display advertising can reach your audience in the places they spend their time using Google Display Network, Google marketing platform, YouTube and programmatic partners

Paid Search

Paid Search is a channel with high consumer intent, as users actively search for products and services. Google Search ads will appear above organic listings in a search engine, and will be linked to the keywords used by the user. Using search will put your ads in front of people directly searching for your business or keywords.

Ad Copy

Ad copy is essential to success, especially in the world of PPC. The wonderful wordsmiths in our copywriting team are well-versed in making first impressions count. We’ll sprinkle our magic on your campaigns, creating copy that captures the essence of your brand and converts your audience into happy customers

How does PPC advertising work?

PPC advertising works by matching Internet users’ searches with keywords targeted by the ads. The company then pays for each person who clicks on the ad and gets led to the company’s website. This way, your company isn’t being charged every time someone simply looks at the ad and continues to scroll.

PPC must get set up through an ad platform, like those mentioned above, and there are several requirements for creating ads. The advertiser sets a baseline bid amount, which can get adjusted later for specific keywords or search queries that they anticipate will drive revenue.


What is PPC? If you’ve ever been on Google or Bing, you’ve probably seen it!

Pay-per-click advertising, commonly referred to as PPC, is a type of digital advertising where a company pays to have its website shown on the search engine results page (SERP). The organization then pays for each person who clicks on the ad.

10 Key Benefits of PPC For Small Businesses
  • Reach a Large Audience With Minimal Effort. …
  • PPC Works Fast. …
  • No Long-Term Commitment. …
  • Control Over Your Budget. …
  • Detailed Reporting. …
  • Increased Website Traffic. …
  • Boosted Sales and Conversions. …
  • Only Pay For Clicks.

There’s a reason why people use the phrase “Google it.” Google receives 42 billion impressions every month as the most visited website in the planet. As a result, making sure your brand is front and centre on everyone’s phone on search facility is a no-brainer. Shopping, Search, and the Google Display Network are the three core offerings of Google Ads. We’ll work with you to make sure your brand appears in the most appropriate places.

With a variety of targeting and ad format options available, YouTube advertising puts your brand in-front of an engaged audience. Owned by Google, YouTube falls into the ‘display’ advertising category. Like other sites within Google’s ecosystem, YouTube has become popular with advertisers. Users can be targeted based on age and gender, interests and purchase intent, as well as the type of content they are viewing.


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