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Our Blog February 1, 2024

Top Affiliate Programs for Bloggers

Writen by octaadsmedia

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Affiliate Programs for Bloggers

Hey there! So, you’re a blogger, huh? Cool! Ever thought about making some cash whiledoing what you love? Well, you’re in the right place because we’re about to explore the awesome world of Top Affiliate Programs for Bloggers made just for like you. Let’s dive in and find out how you can make lots of money and, most importantly, how to start!

Choosing a few initiatives that look like a good fit for you and giving them a try will, of course, teach you about their benefits and drawbacks. You may read about the top affiliate programs for bloggers in the following categories in this post: travel, outdoor activities, business, finance, education, interior design, home organization, health, fashion, beauty, dating, outdoor hobbies, and food.

How to Choose an Affiliate Programs for Bloggers

For bloggers, affiliate marketing is an increasingly lucrative and well-liked niche. Such campaigns are a terrific way for bloggers to expand their revenue streams and promote their audience to quality items and services. However, how do affiliate schemes operate for bloggers? How can your blog have affiliate links? There isn’t a single policy because there are so many blog affiliate programs accessible right now, and each campaign has something unique to offer. Therefore, before you begin the new program, please complete the brief questionnaire that we have provided. Okay, picture this: you’re entering a bustling marketplace filled with exciting opportunities. That’s what diving into affiliate marketing feels like. Let’s take you on a journey through this cool space and get you ready to make some money.

  1. Is the product/service appropriate for my niche? Can it help my audience overcome some of their challenges? Will my fans be pleased to learn about it?
  2. Will the programme help me build my brand image? Are the company’s ideals similar to those shown in my project?
  3. Have I already utilised this product or service? Can I test it out before promoting to others?

After you’ve answered these questions and determined that the programme meets the needs of the target audience, it’s time to consider the other side of the equation: what you’ll gain as an affiliate.

  1. How high is the commission? What is it dependent on? How much can you make in one month?
  2. Is the payment method suitable for you?
  3. Is there a support service for affiliates?
  4. Will you get affiliate tools to place on your website?
  5. Are the rules of the program clear to you?

You seem to be almost there! The final step is to enrol in the programme. Normally, it does not need much work, but a few programmes provide a subscription with moderation, so you must wait for the company’s permission.


Travel blogging is fast growing in popularity as people all over the world become more aware of the benefits of travel, including independence, happiness, and wellbeing. This sector covers a variety of services from which you might profit, such as flight tickets, hotels, bus and train tickets, car rentals, and many more. Whether you already have a travel-related website or are considering starting one, joining one of the following blogger affiliate programmes makes it simple to begin earning money.

Octaads Media

Octaadsmedia operates a pay-per-action partnership platform in the travel industry. You may make money by booking flights, hotels, car rentals, transfers, and more. Some of the firms that have partnered with the platform include GetYourGuide, WayAway, Expedia,, AirHelp, klook, and Viator.

This partnership platform is ideal for travel website owners, bloggers, SEO professionals, travel agencies, and anybody else looking to earn money from travel service commissions. Joining the programme does not need a website, and tools are accessible in a variety of languages.

Octaads media is more than just a program; it’s a partnership platform that brings together over 30 travel affiliate programs like Discover Car Hire,, and Airhelp. Each program has its own terms and commission rates. As a partner, you’ll have access to various tools such as search forms, text links, banners, White Label, API, and a WordPress plugin.

The commission amount is determined by the company. For example, with the program, you may earn up to 3% on flight tickets. This implies you’ll earn around $12 for every $400 booking. Once the minimum amount has been met, the payment is made between the 11th and 20th of the following month. The latter is dependent on the payment type. You can receive a commission via PayPal or bank account (in EUR or USD).

To begin earning with Travelpayouts, first join the partnership platform, then select the relevant programme, add advertising tools on your website to lead visitors, and collect a commission on each booking. Here’s a knowledge source to assist you learn how the network works.

What Are the Best Travel Affiliate Programs?

Here is a quick summary of our top picks for the best travel affiliate programs

Affiliate ProgramTypeCommissionCookie Lifetime
OctaadsmediaPlatformUp to 75% revenue sharingMostly 30 days
ViatorTours & Activities5.6%30 days
GetYourGuideTours & Activities6%31 days
ExpediaHotels€ 0.9 – 730 days
Booking.comHotels4%One Session
Rentalcars.comCar Rentals4.2%30 days
ITA AirwaysFlight, Tours & Activities4.6% – 5.6%30 days
FlixbusTransportation4-6%30 days
VuelingFlight € 2.9Variable
DiscoverCarsCar Rentals23-55%365 days


Nowadays, education entails more than just earning a university degree. There are several online courses, tutorials, and degrees available for those who choose to learn from home. The disciplines are diverse, ranging from higher education to music, writing skills to medicine, and more. Digital education makes it simpler than ever before to learn new skills and advance in your profession, which is why many individuals see this sector as promising and spend their time and money it. Here are four excellent affiliate programs in the education area.

Affiliate ProgramTypeCommissionCookie Lifetime
Octaads MediaPlatformUp to 75% revenue sharingMostly 30 days
LingoraEducation5.6%30 days
zen and guvi coursesEducation5.6 – 12%31 days
UdemyEducation8%30 days
online courses learningEducationPayout 40%35 Days

Fashion and Beauty

The beauty sector alone generates $445 billion globally, yet it is still relatively young. People care deeply about their appearance and are willing to pay money to be appealing. Bloggers in the beauty and fashion industries assist society find the greatest deals to look and feel well, which empowers individuals. Joining one of these affiliate programs will help you turn your blog into a profitable company while also spreading the greatest beauty recommendations to your social network.

Affiliate ProgramTypeCommissionCookie Lifetime
OctaadsmediaPlatformUp to 75% revenue sharingMostly 30 days
Marks & SpencerClothing2.8%30 days
AachhoClothing10%31 days
Michael KorsFashion2.1%30 days
AdcosBeauty1.4%30 Days
BeardoBeauty12%30 days
G-StarClothing2.21%30 days
EccoFashion1.6%30 days
Dorothy PerkinsClothing4.2%Variable
Super BottomsClothing16%30 Days

Interior Design and Home Organization

Needless to say, Amazon and eBay are the most popular platforms in this area, thus many bloggers opt to participate in their affiliate efforts to reach the bulk of their target audience. On the other hand, if your target audience is interested in luxury goods with high commissions, you may take advantage of them, as well as less well-known but nonetheless wonderful firms that provide unique products that not everyone knows about. Finally, examine sub-niches that specialise in one or two goods yet are highly profitable, such as mattresses.

  • Amazon Associates
  • Ebay Partner Network

You may also establish an affiliate programme with these sectors: Finance, Business, Dating, Outdoor Hobbies, Food, and Health with large payouts.

Choose the one for you. The choice depends a lot on your audience, so try to consider what niche might be interesting for them, and what products in this niche can solve some of your readers’ issues. If you already have a website, the task is to insert partner links in such a way so that they look organic and help people find great products. If you are just thinking of launching a website, you can build it around one specific niche. In any case, affiliate marketing for bloggers is an amazing way to generate extra income with your blog!

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