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Our Blog January 29, 2024

Top 5 Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs in India

Writen by octaadsmedia

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Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs in India

The greatest Top 5 Best web hosting affiliate programs in India pay more than other types of affiliate programs. Web hosting is an expanding industry. According to India Times, online users in India have increased by 21% since Covid-19. With an increasing number of businesses going online, web hosting affiliates are becoming a lucrative affiliate area. In this post, we will discuss the top ten best web hosting affiliate programs in India, as well as their commission rates, joining requirements, minimum payout threshold, and other details.

Web hosting: What is it?

Imagine web hosting as renting a space on the internet for your website. It’s like a storage server where all your website files are kept, making your site accessible online. This service is crucial for any online business to operate smoothly. As a web hosting affiliate, you have the opportunity to promote and earn from this essential service, making it a promising niche for affiliate marketing.

The following is a list of some audience segments that may become your clients and require web hosting:

Company owners
website proprietors
Web writers
internet-based service providers
proprietors of e-commerce businesses
proprietors of agencies
internet marketers
Business Owners
Everyone who needs to have a presence online

List of the Top Web Hosting Affiliate Programs in India 2023

  1. Hostinger Web Hosting Affiliate
  2. Godaddy Web Hosting Affiliate
  3. Bluehost Web Hosting Affiliate
  4. Big Rock Web Hosting Affiliate
  5. Hostgator Web Hosting Affiliate

Please keep in mind that the links and rates for the affiliate programs listed below are provided by Octaads Media . The rates may fluctuate because we charge a tiny percentage of the affiliate commission to continue providing you with valuable content monetization tools, improving our software, adding new features, and keeping Octa Media affiliate free to join for everyone.

Maybe you’re wondering why I should sign up through Octa Media.

  1. One-stop solution for aggregate reporting (view the total monetary value of your content from all your affiliate programs in one place)
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  3. Fast 2-minute installation to get your affiliate marketing up and running quickly
  4. Access to 5000+ campaigns & more
  5. Single Point of Payout to save you time and from stress of completing minimum thresholds of different affiliates.

Octaads Media is a free affiliate marketing platform that makes it easier for bloggers, publishers, and anybody else who generates content to manage their affiliates and increase affiliate revenue.

Hostinger Web Hosting Affiliate Program:

It’s likely that you’ve come across Hostinger, a well-known web hosting company, if you operate a blog, publish material, or otherwise create content online. They provide their web hosting associates a generous minimum commission of 40% on each sale. It is simpler to promote Hostinger for web hosting when the brand has a strong online presence. It’s free to sign up for the Hostinger web hosting affiliate program, but you must already have a website or YouTube channel.

Godaddy Affiliate Program

One of the popular free web hosting affiliate programs in India is the Godaddy affiliate program which offers affiliate commissions on most of its products including web hosting. Godaddy has high credibility in the Indian market making it easier for people to consider buying Godaddy’s web hosting and in return make your money as an affiliate. Though the affiliate commission in Godaddy is nowhere as high as the other web hosting affiliate programs, it is definitely worth it. Affiliate commission in Godaddy is anywhere up to – depending on the products you refer. 

Apart from this, Godaddy also offers a reseller program wherein you can sell Godaddy products at your own pricing and margins.

Affiliate Commission: —

Recurring Affiliate commission: None. Godaddy is not a recurring affiliate program.

Affiliate Program Joining: Godaddy is a free web hosting affiliate program

Join Today Godaddy Affiliate Program 2024

BlueHost Web Hosting Affiliate Program 

BlueHost is a popular web hosting service provider in India that offers one of the best web hosting affiliate programs with higher affiliate commissions of up to Rs.4275. Bluehost has 2M+ users using their web hosting services and a large worldwide network. Being an established web hosting brand, affiliates can find it more convenient to promote their services to their audience. The Bluehost affiliate program is free to join and it offers a generous amount of advertising and marketing materials to its affiliates. 

Affiliate Commission: Flat commission of Rs.4,275 per sale

Recurring Affiliate commission: None. Bluehost is not a recurring affiliate program 

Affiliate Program Joining: Bluehost is a completely free web hosting affiliate program

Join Today Bluehost Affiliate Program 2024

Big Rock Affiliate Program 

Moving on to finding the best web hosting affiliate programs in India, Bigrock affiliate program is quite inevitable to come. It offers one of the best affiliate commissions of upto Rs.562 on each sale. Bigrock is a popular web hosting and domain registration company with thousands of users across India. Talking about the scope for earnings as an affiliate, you can promote Bigrock through banner ads, text links, coupons & emails & make money as an affiliate.

Affiliate Commission: Up to Rs.562 per sale

Recurring Affiliate commission: None. Godaddy is not a recurring affiliate program.

Affiliate Program Joining: Bigrock is a free web hosting affiliate program

Join the Bigrock affiliate program today!

Hostgator Affiliate Program:

If you’re in India and exploring web hosting affiliate programs, Hostgator stands out, offering high affiliate commissions up to Rs.937 on hosting products. You can promote Hostgator through text links, banner ads, and text emails. While it’s a well-known global hosting company, note that Hostgator’s affiliate program focuses solely on hosting, not providing commissions on other products like domains or email services.

  • Commission: Earn Rs.937 on hosting products.
  • Recurring Commission: Not available; Hostgator doesn’t offer recurring affiliate earnings.
  • Joining the Affiliate Program: It’s free to join Hostgator’s web hosting affiliate program. Ideal for content centered around hosting. Join today!

Join today Hostgator Affiliate Program!

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