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Our Blog March 7, 2024

Samsung Affiliate Program Review: Should You Promote Samsung Products in 2024?

Writen by octaadsmedia

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samsung Affiliate program


Samsung is one of the largest and most well-known technology companies in the world. Founded in 1938 in South Korea, Samsung has grown into a massive multinational conglomerate with businesses in consumer electronics, semiconductors, telecommunications, home appliances, and more.

Samsung operates an affiliate program that allows publishers to earn commissions by promoting Samsung products and services. This article provides an overview of Samsung’s affiliate program, including information on commissions, top products, pros and cons, tips for success, and alternatives.

We’ll start with a brief introduction to Samsung’s affiliate program, look at the commission rates and payment structure, highlight some of the top-selling affiliate products, and outline some of the main benefits and potential drawbacks of the program. Later on, we’ll share some tips for those considering joining Samsung’s affiliate program. We’ll wrap up with a look at a few alternative affiliate programs that may be worth exploring as well.

Overview of Samsung

Samsung is a South Korean multinational conglomerate headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul. It was founded in 1938 by Lee Byung-chul as a trading company, eventually growing into one of the largest corporations in the world.

Samsung has a wide range of businesses across electronics, construction, financial services, and more. Some of Samsung’s most well-known products include Galaxy smartphones, QLED TVs, appliances, DRAM and NAND memory chips.

Samsung has over 200,000 employees across 80 countries, with global annual revenue totaling over $200 billion. It has become one of the most valuable brands in the world, consistently ranking in the top 10 on Interbrand’s Best Global Brands report.

The company has a long history and background. Samsung entered the electronics industry in the late 1960s and began building TVs, refrigerators, washing machines and other home appliances. In the 1970s, Samsung became involved in the heavy industry sector including shipbuilding, petrochemicals, aerospace and more.

In the 1990s, Samsung started making memory chips and became a major player in the semiconductor industry. It also began manufacturing mobile phones, which evolved into the hugely popular Galaxy smartphone line first released in 2009.

Today, Samsung continues to innovate across displays, memory, processors, 5G networks, biotechnology and more next-generation technologies. It has cemented itself as a pioneer in the technology landscape.

What is the Samsung Affiliate Program?

The Samsung Affiliate Program allows publishers, influencers, and content creators to earn commissions by promoting Samsung products and services. Participants receive a unique affiliate link which tracks sales generated through it.

When someone clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase on, you earn a commission on that sale. The exact percentage varies by product category but commissions typically range from 1% to 10%.

Some key things to know about the Samsung Affiliate Program:

  • Joining is free – There are no fees to sign up for the program. You simply need to submit an application and get approved to start earning.
  • Worldwide availability – The program is open to participants globally in over 200 countries. Wherever Samsung sells products, you can promote them.
  • All product categories – You can become an affiliate for Samsung phones, TVs, appliances, computing products and more. Anything on is fair game.
  • Generous cookie duration – You get credit for up to 60 days after the initial click. This gives you a long window to potentially receive commission.
  • Creative assets – Samsung provides banners, text links, product images and other resources to help you effectively promote their products.
  • Dedicated support – Affiliates get access to a support team for any questions on the program, links, creatives, payments, etc.

Joining the Samsung Affiliate Program opens up many possibilities to monetize your website, social media, YouTube channel and other assets by recommending Samsung devices and services. It’s a great way to earn from your influence and content.

Commissions and Payments

The Samsung affiliate program offers competitive commission rates compared to other tech affiliate programs. Here are the key details on commissions and payments:

  • Commission Rate – You earn 4% commission on all qualifying purchases. This is on par with commission rates from other major tech brands like Apple and Sony which offer 3-5%.
  • Cookie Duration – Cookies last for 30 days, so you’ll earn a commission if someone clicks your link but doesn’t purchase until later.
  • Payment Threshold – You must earn at least $100 in commissions before you can request a payment. This is a bit higher than other programs like Amazon Associates which has a $10 minimum.
  • Payment Methods – Samsung pays affiliates through PayPal, direct deposit, wire transfer, and checks. Most other affiliate programs offer PayPal and checks.
  • Payment Frequency – Payments are made monthly as long as you meet the $100 threshold. Some programs pay more frequently such as bi-weekly or weekly.
  • Reporting – Detailed reporting and analytics are available to track your referral traffic, commissions, top performing products and more.

Overall, Samsung’s commission rate is competitive, but the payment threshold is higher than some other affiliate programs. The monthly payment schedule is pretty standard. If you’re promoting big ticket items like phones, TVs and appliances, the 4% commissions can add up quickly. But it may take longer to meet the $100 minimum compared to programs like Amazon with lower minimums.

Top Affiliate Products

Samsung offers affiliates the opportunity to earn commissions on a wide range of popular tech products. Here are some of the top-selling affiliate products that tend to convert well:

  • Smartphones – Samsung’s Galaxy S and Note series phones are among their most popular tech devices. The latest models like the S23 Ultra and Fold 4 foldable attract lots of interest from consumers. Affiliates can earn up to $50 per phone sale.
  • Tablets – Samsung tablets like the Galaxy Tab S series and cheaper A series models are great conversion drivers. Tablets have become productivity tools for many professionals. Commissions are up to 10% of sales.
  • Wearables – Samsung’s smartwatches and fitness trackers are leaders in the wearables space. The Galaxy Watch series and Galaxy Buds are hugely popular for lifestyle and fitness usage. Average commissions are around $20 per sale.
  • TVs – Samsung’s QLED and premium Neo QLED TVs offer incredible display quality and smart features. They range from 32″ models to massive 85″ screens. TVs earn commissions of 4-8% on average.
  • Home Appliances – From refrigerators to washing machines, Samsung appliances are feature-packed and sleekly designed. Home appliances conversions tend to be high ticket, with commissions reaching $100+ per sale.

Promoting new Samsung releases like the latest Galaxy S phones and QLED TV models tend to attract the most interest from shoppers. But their diverse product range ensures affiliates can find plenty of options to promote year-round.

Pros of the Samsung Affiliate Program

The Samsung affiliate program offers several advantages that make it an appealing choice for publishers and influencers looking to monetize their content. Here are some of the key benefits of joining Samsung’s program:

  • High commission rates – Samsung offers generous commission rates, ranging from 4% to 8% depending on the product category. These rates are very competitive compared to other tech affiliate programs.
  • Wide range of products to promote – As a massive electronics company, Samsung has hundreds of products that affiliates can promote, including smartphones, tablets, TVs, home appliances, and more. There’s a large selection to match your niche.
  • Strong brand reputation – Samsung is one of the most recognizable tech brands worldwide. Promoting their products allows affiliates to tap into the brand’s reputation for quality and innovation.
  • 30-day cookie duration – Samsung uses a 30-day cookie duration, giving affiliates a month to get credit for conversions. This is a longer cookie window than many other programs.
  • Creative assets – Samsung provides a variety of banners, text links, product images, and other creative assets to help affiliates promote their products. These high-quality resources make marketing easy.
  • Dedicated account managers – Samsung has an account management team dedicated to helping affiliates succeed. Affiliates get access to individual support.
  • On-time payments – Samsung has a reputation for making on-time monthly commission payments via PayPal. Reliable payment is crucial for affiliates.

Overall, Samsung’s high commissions, strong brand, extensive product selection, and robust affiliate support make their program a very worthwhile option for publishers looking to drive tech sales and earnings.

Cons of the Samsung Affiliate Program

The Samsung Affiliate Program does have some limitations to be aware of:

  • Low commission rates compared to other tech affiliate programs. Commissions are in the range of 1-4%, which is lower than Amazon or Best Buy which offer 4-10%. This can make it harder to earn significant income.
  • Limited product selection compared to major affiliate networks. While Samsung offers their own devices and home appliances, the product catalog is more limited vs something like Amazon.
  • Rigid coupon guidelines. Samsung has strict rules about when and how affiliates can use coupon codes. You’re not allowed to just create your own custom coupons.
  • Delayed payment cycle. Samsung pays affiliates on a net 60 basis, so it takes 60+ days to receive your earnings. Some other affiliate programs pay as frequently as monthly.
  • Lack of transparency in reporting. The affiliate dashboard provides limited stats, making it hard to fully track and optimize your campaigns. No data on clicks, conversions, etc.
  • Cannot promote on deal sites. Samsung’s terms prohibit promoting their products on coupon, deal and cashback websites. This limits promotional channels.
  • No recurring commissions. Samsung only pays one-time commissions, not ongoing earnings for return customers. This makes it hard to build reliable long-term income.
  • Strict application process. Samsung does not accept all affiliate applicants. Your site needs to align closely with their brand and have sufficient traffic.

Overall the limitations with commissions, payment terms, reporting, and promotional guidelines make the Samsung program less appealing than other options. The approval process and product catalog scope also restrict opportunity.

Tips for Success

The Samsung affiliate program offers great potential, but you’ll need to put in some work to maximize your earnings. Here are some tips to help you succeed:

  • Focus on high-ticket products – The commissions on expensive products like phones, TVs, and appliances are much higher than low-cost accessories. Promote the flagship models whenever possible.
  • Take advantage of promotions – Samsung frequently runs special deals and sales events. Time your promotions around these to benefit from boosted interest and commissions.
  • Write detailed reviews – Don’t just link to products. Write long-form reviews showcasing your own photos and videos. This builds trust and SEO value.
  • Compare top models head-to-head – Guide customers by comparing the latest Galaxy S and Note models. Your expert advice helps them choose.
  • Target buyers at every stage – Create content not just for people researching, but also users setting up and troubleshooting new devices.
  • Promote via social media – Leverage platforms like Instagram and YouTube to create interest and funnel visitors to your website.
  • Build an email list – Email marketing enables you to keep promoting to past visitors. Offer an incentive like a discount code or giveaway.
  • Create a Samsung-focused site – Having a website dedicated to Samsung products shows your expertise. This establishes credibility.
  • Experiment across multiple traffic sources – Try a mix of SEO, PPC, social, and other options to see which perform best.

Alternatives to Consider

Samsung isn’t the only tech brand with an affiliate program worth considering. A couple of other options include:

  • Amazon Associates – Amazon has one of the most popular and highest paying affiliate programs out there. They offer advertising fees starting at 4% for electronics products. You can promote millions of products across all categories. Amazon attracts a high volume of buyer traffic which increases earning potential for affiliates.
  • Apple Affiliate Program – If you want to focus specifically on promoting Apple products, their affiliate program provides a commission of 5% of eligible products purchased. It’s a more niche program but Apple has a loyal customer base who purchase frequently. Promoting new device launches could be quite lucrative.
  • Rakuten Affiliate Program – Rakuten offers competitive commission rates up to 8% for electronics. They also offer deals and cash back options which can increase conversion rates. The program provides access to thousands of stores across many categories. Rakuten has a good reputation for timely payments and support as well.
  • Best Buy Affiliate Program – For those interested in a broad range of electronics and tech products, the Best Buy program offers commissions around 4%. There are often special offers with increased payouts as well. Best Buy is a major electronics retailer with competitive prices.

Consider which tech niche you want to focus on, the commission rates, program reputations, and promotional opportunities when selecting the right affiliate program for your website or content focus. The options above are leading alternatives for those interested in tech and electronics.


Overall, the Samsung affiliate program can be a great addition for some publishers and influencers in 2024, but may not be the best fit for everyone.

The generous commission rates of up to 10% on expensive tech products like phones, TVs, and appliances make the potential earnings substantial. Samsung’s brand name and high-quality gadgets also convert well when promoted to engaged audiences.

However, the program does have some downsides to consider. There are no recurring commissions on subscriptions or digital products. Approval can take time and Samsung may reject applicants with newer or unrelated sites. Competition is also stiff from other big tech affiliate programs.

For influencers or publishers focused on home theater, mobile tech, or appliances, the Samsung program merits strong consideration in 2024. But those in other niches may find better options with Amazon or other brands tailored to their content.

Overall, the Samsung affiliate program is recommended for 2024, but on a selective basis. The high commissions justify joining, but only for sites well aligned with Samsung’s product lineup. With the right audience and content, it can be a affiliate program worth pursuing.

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