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Our Blog January 29, 2024

How Does Google DoubleClick Operate in 2024

Writen by octaadsmedia

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Google DoubleClick
  1. Time and Date:
  • Timestamp indicating when the ad was viewed (August 6, 2010, 12:01:32).
  1. Ad Placement Information:
  • ad_placement_id: Identifies where the ad was displayed on the site (ID: 555).
  • ad_id: Represents the unique ID of the specific ad viewed (ID: 1005).
  1. User Information:
  • userid: A unique ID assigned by a cookie to your browser (0000000000000001).
  1. User’s Location:
  • client_ip: Records the user’s IP address (
  • referral_url: Specifies the page you were on when viewing the ad (
  • DoubleClick uses this data to track the time, user, and ad details for analytics.
  • The userid allows DoubleClick to associate ad views with specific users.
  • Advertisers can gauge the effectiveness of ad placements (ad_placement_id).
  • The referral_url reveals the context of ad views, such as being on YouTube’s categories page.
  • DoubleClick, by recording the IP address, can estimate the user’s country and town/city.
  • While this data aids in ad targeting and analytics, it also raises privacy considerations due to the tracking of user-specific information.

Long-term benefit: it helps pay for the content you read on the web.

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