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Our Blog December 22, 2023

Can You Use Google Ads for Affiliate Marketing?

Writen by octaadsmedia

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Can You Use Google Ads for Affiliate Marketing?

3 Methods for Using Google Ads to Promote Affiliate Links

  • Insert links into Google Ads directly.
  • Paid traffic should be sent to a landing page or opt-in form.
  • Affiliate links might help you promote your blog content.

Best Practices to Promote Affiliate Links with Google Ads

Follow the Google Ads Policies

Avoid Any Misguided Claims

Track Analytics

Now, let’s see which metrics you can track to measure the success of your campaign:

  • Clicks. The more clicks, the more exposure your ad will generate. However, without an increase in sales, your audience will not be interested in the product you promote or your landing page will not correlate to the advertisement.
  • Return on ad spend. This metric will help you assess the campaign if you are on a budget. You can calculate return on ad spend by dividing the affiliate revenue by the total amount spent.

Carefully Develop the Content Strategy

Invest in Website Design

Use Relevant Keywords

What If Google Ads Are Not Allowed?

  • Native advertising. This type of ad aims to match the content of the page, so it rarely looks promotional. Native ads are often used on social networks and as recommendations.
  • Targeted ads on social media. Based on your audience’s demographics and behavior, social networks can create personalized ads and efficiently target your customers.
  • Display advertising. This may include text, image, or video ads that direct users to your webpage to increase your brand recognition and audience loyalty.
  • Email marketing. This is an old-fashioned, yet still very efficient way to drive traffic. Make sure to create eye-catching forms to capture leads, grow your subscriber base, and share relevant content. With this approach, your advertising links will not look spammy.

Examples of Google Ads Done Right

The Pros and Cons of Using Google Ads for Affiliate Marketing


  1. The most popular search engine. Because Google accounts for around 90% of search traffic, it is frequently the first site consumers use when seeking for a product or service.
  2. Excellent traffic. You may target your best clients with Google Ads. You may choose the demographics, income, interests, locations, and so on. Ads will more likely deliver you visitors with purchasing intent, as opposed to social media, where people are generally looking for fresh ideas. Furthermore, advertising on Google may offer you a large number of traffic and significantly boost your reach.
  3. Rapid outcomes. Google Ads may start sending traffic to your offer in hours or even minutes, but increasing search traffic would take months of consistent labour to reach the top of the search results pag
  4. Easy-to-create ads. As huge as Google is, the platform is straightforward to navigate. Setting up an ad campaign on Google is faster than, say, on Facebook or other social networks. In our guide, you will find step-by-step instructions on how to sign up on the platform and create a campaign.
  5. Easy-to-scale campaigns. As the leading search engine, Google can send you tons of traffic and grow your business quickly. Remember that you can also run ads on YouTube, Gmail, Android Apps, and more.
  6. Customizable budget. With Google Ads, you can set up your daily and monthly advertising budget, as well as overall bid price and campaign budget. No minimum deposit is required, so you can start your advertising campaign without making any major investments.
  7. Retargeting potential audiences. The remarketing feature allows you to reach users who have already visited your site but have not converted. It is also good for growing brand recognition.
  8. Various types of ads are available. You can create ads with text, images, and videos to most efficiently target your potential customers.


  1. Ads may be costly. The cost per click varies greatly depending on the specialty, advertising network, geography, and other considerations. You may examine rates for various keywords in the Google Ads planner to obtain an idea of the necessary budget.
  2. Policies that are strict. Google Ads includes a plethora of regulations and restrictions. If you do not follow these rules, your account may be suspended. To avoid this, you must carefully study and adhere to the policies.
  3. Learning takes time. Successful affiliates devote a significant amount of time to tracking and optimising their campaigns in order to get greater results. It will take some time to figure out how to best set up advertisements and boost conversions.
  4. You require quality material. Aside from your advertisements, your website should be of high quality, from the design to the content to the navigation. You may have a steady stream of traffic from Google Ads, but no conversions if your website provides little value.
  5. Conversions and clicks are not the same thing. It is important to note that you will be paying for clicks with Google Ads, but this does not guarantee conversions. This is why it is critical to design a strong website and not lose your ad spend.
wrapping Up: Can Google Ads Be Used for Affiliate Marketing?

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