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Our Blog January 18, 2024

TOP 10 Affiliate Marketing Companies in India for Successful Partnerships!

Writen by octaadsmedia

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affiliate marketing companies in India

Affiliate marketing is a dynamic field where companies collaborate with brands to increase brand awareness and visibility. Affiliate marketers and businesses both gain from working together, giving a chance for more people to find out about different kinds of Affiliate Marketing Companies in India products and services. Publishers earn commissions for every sale generated through shared links, fostering mutual benefits and success.

Affiliate Marketing Companies in India

Affiliate marketing companies in India

Affiliate marketing companies in India involve bloggers and thought leaders promoting products or services to capture attention and build a positive reputation. These affiliate marketers collaborate with brands, earning commissions for each sale.

This avenue allows marketers to elevate their income by promoting valuable products and services, benefiting both potential and existing customers. This creates a harmonious win-win scenario, fostering fruitful connections and shared success in the Indian affiliate marketing industry.

Grasping the Basics of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a digital partnership where companies reward affiliate marketers for driving sales through various channels like websites, blogs, emails, and social media. This creates a win-win situation, with marketers receiving commissions and companies boosting sales. Publishers share positive content, building trust, and companies gain loyal customers while affiliates earn, benefiting everyone involved.

For Instance, A digital marketer promotes a website hosting company, earning a commission for every visitor who clicks on special links and purchases a hosting deal. This virtual party is like hosting a virtual party, with more clicks leading to more purchases and digital marketers receiving rewards.

Do’s and Don’ts for Success

Select a profitable niche

Choose a niche that not only brings in cash but also matches your expertise. Successfully endorsing a product hinges on your genuine understanding. Think of it like recommending a beloved book; your pitch is only powerful if you’ve truly delved into it. Identify your niche passion and share your expertise to drive success in affiliate marketing.

The importance of producing high-quality and engaging content

To succeed in affiliate marketing, create captivating content that attracts visitors. Authenticity is key, avoiding exaggeration of benefits. Think of your content as a story, making it interesting, real, and approachable. Insightful, sincere material helps establish credibility, which is crucial for an affiliate marketing strategy. It’s not just about selling but also building a sincere rapport with readers. By providing genuine information, you can create a compelling and engaging experience for your audience.

Ensure that your CTA is visually appealing and engaging.

Strategically place call-to-action (CTA) and links on your website or blog to attract your target audience. These links should be noticeable and guide visitors seamlessly. By creating a navigable path, you increase the likelihood of taking the desired action, creating a user-friendly roadmap that directs visitors towards the desired destinations.


Avoid being pushy or desperate when selling products or services. Instead, focus on sharing value and building a connection with consumers. Allow them to make choices at their own pace, creating a comfortable space for exploration. Building trust and understanding their needs goes beyond a pushy sales tactic.

To avoid spammy pages and clutter with affiliate links, arrange them thoughtfully and allow them to bloom. Focus on quality content and strategic placement of links, creating a user-friendly space. Successful affiliate marketing requires time to cultivate.

Never overlook reading the affiliate terms and conditions. It’s essential to read the affiliate terms and conditions carefully, as they outline the rules for a successful partnership with affiliate marketing companies, similar to any other agreement.

The top 10 affiliate marketing companies in India

Amazon Associates Affiliate Program

Amazon, a leading e-commerce platform in India, is a top affiliate marketing company with its Amazon Associates Program. This program offers a diverse range of affiliate rates for various product categories, providing affiliates with tailored commission structures. This program not only leverages the platform’s scale but also offers affiliates nuanced opportunities based on their chosen products.

The Amazon Associates Program Advertising Fee Schedule is a part of the Operating Agreement, outlining the advertising fee rates and limitations for certain products, as well as the advertising fees you may earn as a participant.

Amazon’s extensive product range in affiliate marketing allows bloggers and website owners to choose products that align with their niche. A well-planned affiliate marketing strategy can lead to lucrative opportunities within the Amazon Associates program.

However, affiliate marketers must be vigilant as terms and conditions change, reviewing documents to align with current guidelines. By adapting and staying informed, they can leverage the Amazon platform for substantial earnings.

Flipkart Affiliate Program

Flipkart, India’s largest e-commerce platform, offers a lucrative affiliate marketing program for both beginners and experts in various niches. This welcoming space caters to both newcomers and seasoned pros, making it accessible and profitable for individuals navigating the dynamic landscape of online partnerships. It caters to both beginners and experts in various niches.

Join the Flipkart affiliate program for free and earn commissions on purchases made with your links. The program offers various tools like product links, banners, widgets, promotional banners, search tools, and APIs to maximize your earnings.

The referral rates for commission are subject to change and can be found on the affiliate’s commission payouts page. They are divided into desktop/mobile websites and mobile applications, and the percentage is for new and existing customers.

Affiliate Marketing Companies in India

Make My Trip Affiliate

Make My Trip is a popular affiliate marketing program that enables publishers to earn money through their affiliate links, particularly for travel bloggers and travel-centric websites. Affiliate commissions are earned on domestic and international flight tickets booked from the site, offering discounts and an excellent customer experience.

To join Make My Trip’s affiliate marketing program, apply through Octa ads Media, or install JavaScript code from Cue links on your site. Cue Links offers tools for creating affiliate links. Create travel-related content to drive traffic to your website. Earn money from user bookings through your link, allowing you to earn revenue from the sale.

Make My Trip affiliate program offers no pay-out for transactions below Rs 1000. The program undergoes significant changes, and for the latest information on its rules, visit their website or contact them.

CJ Affiliate program

Since 1998, CJ Affiliate—formerly known as Commission Junction—has emerged as one of the top affiliate marketing platforms in India. It encourages cooperation between affiliate marketers and advertisers, turning smart plans into successful business endeavours. CJ Affiliate is influencing the affiliate marketing landscape in India by providing a dynamic environment that promotes the success of advertisers and marketers.

CJ Affiliate allows users to select a niche, sign up, and find advertisers in that niche. They can promote products, connect with advertisers, and contact them through their profile. After acceptance, users can work with companies for affiliate products. Payments are made on Net-20 terms, 20 days after a month ends.

CJ Affiliate offers numerous affiliates, helping beginners and advanced marketers find advertisers and promote their products on websites, blogs, and social media channels.

SEMrush Affiliate Program

Impact Radius has partnered with SEMrush, a leading Indian affiliate marketing company, to offer commissions for purchases or trial activations made through affiliate links on your website. The company pays for subscription sales, leads, and sign-ups, with a dedicated support team to assist you throughout the process.

Affiliates that successfully promote SEMrush will receive a commission for each sale or trial activation resulting from their efforts.

How to get started

Join our programme by creating an Impact account or logging in. Applications are normally reviewed in two working days, although occasionally the verification procedure might take longer.

To find your affiliate links, navigate to the “Content” section of your Affiliate Dashboard and click on “Assets.”. This section contains various referral URLs and creative assets, which are essential for tracking referrals and attributing commissions to your affiliate account. Your tracking text link should look like this example: Note that you should not copy it from the URL section.

Cuelinks Affiliate

Cuelinks is a top affiliate marketing company in India, offering features like aggregated reporting, audience insights, and link management tools for a lifetime. With 20,000+ publishers, 1000+ campaigns, and over 10 million monthly clicks, they have a serious approach to helping affiliate marketers optimize their affiliate marketing programs.

Affiliate programs offer opportunities to earn money through content in various niches. To participate, choose a profitable niche and provide high-quality content. Sign up, receive a code for your affiliate link, paste it on your website, and start earning money when someone clicks on a qualified purchase.

Cuelinks provides an integrated dashboard with crucial information like EPC, conversion rate, and merchant clicks, eliminating the need to follow up with numerous merchants for payments.

Yatra Affiliate Program

Yatra Affiliate is a reliable Indian affiliate marketing company offering a flexible, free program with commissions based on bookings and 30-day cookies. It features online reporting and an affiliate dashboard for easy implementation. Commissions are earned upon application acceptance, making it a reliable choice for affiliate marketers.

The Affiliate Program is for publishers who want to leverage their web properties. We offer:

  • Highly competitive commissions that are paid upon booking
  • 30 days cookie duration
  • Online reporting and tracking
  • Easy implementation that allows you to start earning commissions within a few minutes of acceptance.
  • Sign up for the affiliate program directly. We offer equal pay-outs for our networks.

For more details, contact

Rakuten Advertising

Rakuten Marketing aims to enhance the value, relevance, and appeal of affiliate marketing programs for advertisers, publishers, and consumers by providing the best opportunities.

  • The top-performing global affiliate network leverages years of experience in affiliate marketing to connect brands with their audiences.
  • Rakuten Advertising offers Affiliate Intelligence, a comprehensive tool that utilizes advanced technology and human expertise to maximize the potential of affiliate marketing, ensuring that no opportunity is missed.
  • We provide advanced affiliate technology and strategic expertise to brands, backed by data-driven insights, enabling them to achieve results.
  • Utilize our network data to bridge performance gaps and establish new partnerships with top-tier companies.
  • By finding the best tactics, our AI-driven forecasting and benchmarking help firms remain ahead of the competition and swiftly adapt to changes in the market.
  • Make use of our commissioning suite to increase efficiency. Using dynamic, coupon, and multi-touch commissioning tools, customise commissions to foster collaborations.

GoDaddy Affiliate

GoDaddy Affiliate is a top Indian affiliate marketing company offering a variety of commission-earning products, including domains, web hosting, SSL security, websites, WordPress, Microsoft 365, and professional email, among others.

The program provides user-friendly tools for creating affiliate links, allowing users to choose their desired link and copy and paste the code on their website, email, or blog. It offers numerous options for banner ads and text links, making it an excellent choice for beginners looking to establish an affiliate business.

CJ Affiliate allows you to join their affiliate program and set up an account, earning commissions from qualified purchases made by visitors through your affiliate links.

HostGator Affiliate

HostGator stands out as a leading and user-friendly affiliate marketing program, renowned for its robust features, including detailed tracking, monthly promotions, and generous commissions. It provides seamless publishing opportunities, making it a top choice for affiliates seeking a reliable platform with exceptional perks.

Embarking on your affiliate marketing journey with HostGator is a simple process. Begin by registering through their affiliate marketing form, followed by crafting compelling content for blogs, social media, websites, or applications to showcase HostGator products. Effortlessly integrate affiliate links into strategic sections of your website for effective promotion.

Explore a plethora of eye-catching banners on the HostGator website to enhance your affiliate marketing efforts. Enroll in the program at no cost and showcase HostGator across various forums or seamlessly integrate it into your email marketing strategy. Access a comprehensive affiliate dashboard providing insights into commissions, sales, promotional tools, and other valuable features, empowering you with detailed information to optimize your marketing efforts.

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