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What is Fastrack?

Fastrack is a popular Indian youth fashion brand known for its trendy and affordable accessories, including watches, sunglasses, bags, and more. Launched in 1998 as a sub-brand of Titan Company, Fastrack caters to the dynamic and style-conscious youth market with its bold designs and contemporary products. The brand has a strong presence in India, appealing to young consumers with its vibrant and edgy offerings.

About Fastrack Affiliate Program

The Fastrack Affiliate Program offers benefits such as attractive commission rates, a diverse range of trendy products, and strong brand recognition. Affiliates gain access to marketing materials and support, enhancing their ability to promote Fastrack effectively. The program’s focus on the youth market and fashionable, affordable accessories makes it appealing for affiliates targeting a young, style-conscious audience, driving higher engagement and sales potential. The easy integration of promotional tools, multilingual web, app, promos and client support – as well as free and detailed reporting available on your dashboard – make it easier for you to monetize your traffic and boost your revenue with the help of the Fastrack affiliate program.

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