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What is Expedia?

Regardless of the destination, Expedia is a one-stop travel-planning solution. Thousands of hotels, flight tickets, transfers, entertainment options, and other travel services are available on Expedia is the leading travel platform, on which travelers from the UK and around the world can organize their next trip with just a few clicks and get the most out of any booking. On one page, tourists can book everything that may be needed for their next trip. The Expedia Group includes other brands, such as, Vrbo, Trivago,, eBookers, and more, which expands the available booking options. The brands that make up the Expedia Group provide maximum flexibility for any traveler, regardless of the direction and purpose of the trip. Expedia is suitable for budget travelers, couples with children, luxury travelers, business travelers, and travelers with any other purpose. Expedia has a strong market position in the UK, US, Europe, Asia, and other regions of the world. The wide geography of available services and low prices make Expedia a favorite place for booking travel services not only in the United Kingdom, but also far beyond its borders. Currently, Expedia Group is one of the main travel websites in England and other regions of the world. Customer reviews of Expedia highlight the user-friendliness of the site, fast customer support, and wide range of available booking options. The Expedia platform is a convenient travel-planning tool for users from different countries. All pages on the Expedia website, provide support and work in dozens of languages. In addition, Expedia supports all common payment methods, which allows customers from around the world to comfortably use the service. Find out more about Expedia official website.

Expedia affiliate program

Expedia helps travelers easily plan and book their entire trip on a single page. Offer your audience flights, hotels, cars, cruises, and other travel services, and earn on every booking with the Expedia affiliate program. The Expedia affiliate program is a great solution for monetizing various forms of travel traffic. You can join the Expedia affiliate program with a blog, travel website, or other traffic source. After registering in the affiliate program, all the necessary tools for earning money with a travel site or other sources become available to you, including affiliate links, banners, and widgets. Expedia connects partners from around the world with different audiences in the travel niche. All partners have free access to advanced partner tools, detailed data, and technologies. Expedia experts are constantly developing the official partner program, offering advanced technological solutions, and notifying partners of new marketing opportunities. There are two ways to partner with Expedia. In addition to the classic affiliate program, Expedia offers travel agents a bespoke program called the Expedia Travel Agent Affiliate Program (TAAP). This program allows agents to earn money by booking various travel services for their customers. The Expedia affiliate program is one of the best travel affiliate programs, as you can earn immediately on various travel services. In addition, a single tourist can generate income for you several times and you can earn more from the same audience by offering flight tickets, hotels, and entertainment options. All available Expedia services are not limited to these categories, so you can expand your offers even more and earn commissions on a full range of travel services. The commission rates of the Expedia affiliate program are one of the highest among hotel affiliate programs. Any owner of a travel blog, website, or other traffic source that meets the terms of the program can connect to the official affiliate program. Signing up for an affiliate program through is free. Expedia promptly considers all applications for connection to the affiliate program. After registering and connecting to the Expedia affiliate program, you will gain access to partner tools and detailed statistics in your Octaadsmedia account.

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  • All bookings are commissioned by Expedia via a daily validation process aimed at confirming if user transactions are cancelled, confirmed or modified

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Create a free account, get affiliate tools, share Expedia offers with your audience, and earn commissions on bookings of hotels, car rentals, transfers, flight tickets, and other travel services.