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January 23, 2024

ITA Airways

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ITA Airways

ITA Airways IT Affiliate Programme

ITA Airways  is a company 100% owned by the Ministry of Economy and Finance for the exercise of activities in the air transport sector. The company has been active since November 2020. 

The objective of ITA Airways is to create an efficient, innovative air carrier that becomes the point of reference in guaranteeing Italy quality connectivity both with international destinations, so as to encourage tourism and foreign trade, both within the country, also taking advantage of integrated mobility. ITA Airways places the best customer service at the center of its strategy (through a strong digitalisation of processes that ensure a best in class experience and personalized services), combined with sustainability, expressed in its environmental aspect (new green and technologically advanced aircraft, use of sustainable fuels), social (equality and inclusion for a gender less company) and governance (integration of sustainability into internal strategies and processes).  

ITA Airways will equip itself with a modern and environmentally-friendly fleet which will include cutting-edge technologies to optimize the efficiency and quality of the offer and significantly reduce the environmental impact. At the start of its activities, ITA Airways will operate with a fleet of 52 aircraft including 7 wide body and 45 narrow body. Already in 2022 the fleet will grow to 78 aircraft (+26 on 2021) of which 13 wide bodies (+6 on 2021) and 65 narrow bodies (+20 on 2021). The inclusion of new generation aircraft in the fleet is expected from 2022, which will progressively replace old technology aircraft. At the end of 2025 the fleet will grow to 105 aircraft (23 wide body and 82 narrow body) with 75% of new generation aircraft.   

ITA Airways will focus its activity on the Rome Fiumicino hub and on Milan Linate airport, where it will position itself as the reference airline for business and leisure traffic. At the start of operations, the company will serve 44 destinations with 59 routes which will rise to 74 destinations and 89 routes in 2025, at the conclusion of the process of rebalancing flights towards the long-haul sector, thus contributing to the objective of bridging the gap in connectivity of the country. 

Sustainability and digitalisation are two founding elements of ITA Airways’ industrial strategy.  

A series of actions will be implemented regarding the reduction of environmental impact, the promotion of an inclusive culture and the integration of sustainability into internal strategies and processes, in order to achieve ambitious ESG objectives which will allow ITA Airways to be the greenest in Europe, gender-less and meritocratic. 

ITA Airways will focus strongly on digitalisation, therefore significant investments are planned in digital systems and platforms to guarantee the customer a quality travel experience, as a distinctive element of the offer and to develop a data driven company with a flexible and streamlined organisation. whose foundations rest on the analysis and understanding of data and on the value of its human capital.  

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